3rd Educational Evening

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Free entrance for members of BelSECT.

19h30 - 20h00Welcome
20h00 - 22h00

"From acute pulmonary embolism to CTEPH: Symptoms and diagnosis”

Prof. Dr. Michel De Pauw, MD, PhD, Cardiologie UZ Gent

"CTEPH: Surgical treatment options and outcomes”

Prof. Dr. Tom Verbelen, MD, PhD, Cardiale Heelkunde UZ Leuven

"DHCA and Pulmonary Thrombo Endarterectomy: an evidence based approach in clinical perfusion practice”

Prof. Filip De Somer, ECCP, PhD, Dienst Perfusie UZ Gent



Date: 15 May 2024
Start: 19h30
Venue: Bowling Stones Wemmel