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BelSECT has created a function profile in order to provide IFIC with a correct description of what a perfusionist is and does. This document of course also applies to provide all other interested people with information about our profession.

BelSECT@the movies

The promotional video created by the Belgian Society for ExtraCorporeal Technologies to promote the profession of perfusionist was launched beginning 2015. Thank you to all participating perfusionists, surgeons, anesthesiologists and students centers for the kind collaboration!

This video was created to inform people about our profession and what we do on a daily basis. Perfusionist, surgeons and anesthesiologists where prepared to share their ideas about what we are to the cardiac team and how we fit into it.

This movie is already shared on several international websites, and we ask everyone to keep on sharing it in order to spread knowledge about Perfusion.

A perfusionist is a skilled person, qualified by academic and clinical education, who operates extracorporeal circulation equipment during any medical situation in which it is necessary to support or temporarily replace the patient's circulatory or respiratory function.

Next to the operation of the heart-lung machine in the operating theatre, a perfusionist is frequently involved in supporting other medical specialists such as anesthesiologists or intesivists. A perfusionist can be asked to assist in the conservation of blood during any type of surgery, perform isolated perfusion of limbs or organs with chemotherapy or provide long-term support for patients with an assist device. The exact duties and responsibilities of a perfusionist dependent upon the particular institution where the person works.