David Chambers  "Myocardial or Endothelial Protection!
Preferably both, but is that achievable with current Cardioplegic Solutions?"

Ruben Foubert  "Protamine Titration to optimize Heparin Antagonization after Cardiopulmonary Bypass"

Veerle Lantinga "Reducing Cold Ischemia Time by Donor Liver 'Back-table' Preparation under Continuous Oxygenated Machine Perfusion of the Portal Vein"

Kristof Van de Voorde "Implementation of Organ Perfusion in Clinical Practice: The Leuven Experience"

Ariane Willems  "Anti-Xa versus time-guided Anticoagulation Strategies in Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation"

Martje Suverein  "Early Extracorporeal CPR for Refractory Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest"

Harlinde Peperstraete "Beyond Survival: Unveiling the Hidden Realm of Post-ECPR Quality of Life"

Lisa P. Wittberg  "Cannulation Configuration and Recirculation in Veno-Veneus Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation"

Lourdes Chacon  "Effect of intraoperative Support Mode on Circulating Inflammatory Biomarkers after Lung Transplantation Surgery"

Marco Ranucci "The Multifactorial Perfusion Index"

Leen Vercaemst & Isabelle Herzeele  "The Legacy of Mary H. Gibbon and Mary Edwards Walker anno 2023"

Filip Desomer  "Hyperoxia during CPB: Friend or Foe?"

Matthias Thielmann  "Bleeding Risks within Cardiac Surgery"

Mona Momeni  "Monitoring the young brain during cardiac Surgery"

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