Sure you want to know what it costs to have one or two days of scientific fun. We have tried to keep the prices as low as possible in order to convince you all to join us for at least one day in the thrilling location of Le Plaza in Brussels. Compared to previous edition, we have made things much easier. Standard fee or student fee, one day or two days. Nothing more, nothing less.

And of course we have tickets for the social event. Not yet sure where to go during the two day event? Book your place for lovely drinks and nice food. This year, no boring table diner but a nice surprise.

For your own safety, a COVID-Safe Pass is needed for indoor events in Brussels. 

Interested in visiting our event?      Order Your Tickets!

2 day ticket€ 225
1 day ticket€ 125
Student 2 day ticket€ 85
Student 1 day ticket€ 50
Social Event 
€ 80

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